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Planning Application


Preparation of a planning application is key.

A planning application should include sufficient level of detail to enable the decision maker to determine the application positively .  Our team of planners prepare and submit planning applications on behalf of clients presenting a robust case for the application and identifying the key considerations, giving you the very best chance of success.

Early advice is essential and often more cost-effective. The earlier that we can be involved, the better.  This enables us to assess the case from the outset, guiding the planning application preparation process, including undertaking pre-application discussions.

Our planners have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate the planning application process to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We are often contacted by clients who have submitted their first application and had planning permission refused.  By bringing us in at the earliest possible stage, you can maximise your chance of success and in most instances, avoid the need for appeals altogether.  However, if you are already at the appeal stage and would like our help, go to appeals for more information. 

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